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Our Story

Our product evolved from personal experiences with our parents. As they got up in years, we were finding it increasingly difficult to stay connected and help out with the day-to-day issues that popped up. Phone calls and video chats are nice, but they are limited. And particularly so when someone forgets to hang up the landline or charge the cell phone.

Out of these struggles grew the embryonic version of our product. We started with an open-source desktop sharing application. While this was adequate for fixing the occasional IT problem, it was not ideal for the bulk of the online activities we liked to do with our parents. When we just wanted to browse Amazon together, work on a joint project, or check out a video, screencasting solutions were slow and jerky and just didn’t cut it.

And we also had parents whose lives didn’t center around the computer room. More commonly, they could be found in front of the TV, and usually with the volume at max and the remote hidden under a magazine on the coffee table. After a few phone calls where we struggled to hear our parents over a blaring TV set, we developed a web-based app from which we could mute or power-off the TV remotely. And we added a mechanical webcam to that room so we could help hunt for lost keys, remotes and other items that frequently disappeared.

We understand that as parents age, new and unique problems come to the fore, and we are committed to building products that help out with these as best we can. While this is our long term vision, we have started small. Our first offering is a free Chrome extension that gives video chat functionality along with the ability to have synced browsing sessions. It’s ideal for the type of online activities we liked to do with our parents and we would be thrilled if you tried it out.